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Hello COGWA Teens! This podcast will give you interesting and relevant information that will encourage you toward spiritual growth and a greater sense of community within the Church.

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Jun 20, 2020

The Ice Bucket Challenge was an activity involving the dumping of a bucket of ice water over a person's head. The purpose of the challenge was to raise awareness about a disease called ALS. The purpose of the Psalm 136 challenge is also to raise awareness - about something totally different. And don’t worry. No ice...

Jun 16, 2020

Disappointment in a familiar feeling these days. But there is a bright side to feeling bummed about things like camp being canceled.

Jun 9, 2020

When is the right time to start dating? Dating is an exciting time, but sometimes it's confusing. How do you know when the right time is, and how to go about it? This podcast will give you a starting point to think about as you prepare for this season in your life.

Jun 8, 2020

Have you ever stopped to think about what your words are capable of? Did you know that your words are powerful and can either tear down or build-up? So, what exactly do you want your words to do?