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Hello COGWA Teens! This podcast will give you interesting and relevant information that will encourage you toward spiritual growth and a greater sense of community within the Church.

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Nov 30, 2019

Mrs. Pam Myers discusses some of the traits and examples of femininity? 

Nov 29, 2019

Are you filled with thanksgiving just once a year? Here are 3 tips on making thanksgiving part of your everyday life.

Nov 22, 2019

Jesus Christ taught His disciples to pray. Mr. Scott Lord discusses how we can learn from Christ's instructions. 

Nov 15, 2019

This is the introduction of a new series to be hosted by Something to Think About... one for young ladies.  Pam Myers talks about the purpose of "Girl Talk." 

Nov 15, 2019

Your attitude has a huge impact on your life.  What is your attitude, and how can you change it positively.